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Atreyo offers a vast range of products for industry and infrastructure applications. All products are designed and manufactured by our team in India. Our products are set apart by high quality of production, which we achieve thanks to the fact that we only purchase components from reputable manufacturers and the production takes place on modern equipments with all technical rigours and strict quality control.

  • APIS-160-2M

    Passenger Information System Display

    The APIS-160-2M is LED display dedicated to Passenger Information System for use in public transport stations. Specifically designed for: bus stops, tram stops, metro stations, and railway stations. APIS-160-2M has unique facility of displaying seven colours and two line of clear visible text. It supports all Indian languages. The APIS-160-2M is working in real time with server to fetch proper vehicle schedule.
    The separate clock make APIS-160-2M more passenger-friendly by displaying accurate time.


    Autonomous Interstrand Testing Unit

    High voltage testing machine is used in power industries specifically for insulated copper strand supplier, transformer, generator and motor manufacturer.
    High voltage test is used to check insulation and leakage between transposed insulated conductors.