Isolated USB to USB interface

  • Provides optical isolation for sensitive systems
  • It protects computers and controllers against surges
  • metal housing with the possibility of mounting on a DIN rail

The ADI-301 is an industrial grade of USB to USB opto-isolated interface. Designed to work in industrial environment. Perfect to use when there is required galvanic separation between computer and machine.
Interface is powered directly from USB port than not need of external power supply.
Support all modern OS without installing drivers.



  • servers, controllers for printing machines, machines for the textile and printing industry
  • Isolating signals from high-voltage device controllers as additional protection.
USB from hostUSB 2.0 Full Speed compatible, Type – A
USB to deviceUSB 2.0 Full Speed compatible, Type – B
IndicatorsHigh speed, low speed
Power supplyFrom USB
OS supportWindows, MAC OS, Linux, Android and other
Housing materialAluminium


System compatibilityAll systems with USB 1.0 or 2.0


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