Ultrasonic Parking Sensor

  • Easy installation by using RJ45 and display for parameter setting
  • Remote configuration from a local server
  • Easy to install by screwing in the plinth

APSENSE-110U is a car presence sensor in a parking lot. The sensor works as part of the Parking Management System and sends data about the presence of the car. Car detection is by ultrasound and communicates via Modbus RTU (RS485), it controls an external light to indicate a free parking space. Avails setting of color for exterior light and optional flash of light indicators in emergency situations. Also from the control center it is possible for all the lamps to flash in any emergency. Support for blue light indicators.



  • For use in closed parking lots in shopping malls, housing estates, cinemas, theaters
  • Perfect for parking lots at airports, railway stations, harbors, and stadiums

Principle of operationUltrasonic measurement system
Detection range0.4m to 4m
Communication interfaceRS485 by RJ45 cable
Data to Server ProtocolModbus RTU


Connectors2 x RJ45 with RS485 data and power for sensor (in and out), external lamp output
Ocupancy indicatorInbuilt multicolour LED and external multicolour lamp support (APL-10)
Power8-36V DC by RJ45 cable
Operating temperature-10 °C to 75 °C
Mounting typeCeiling or overhead rail
Dimensions110mm diameter

ConfigurationBy 3 push switches and by commands from monitoring system
Extra config display commandsShow: address, brightness, minimum distance, delay
Extra functional commandsBlink/on all indicators with any color on emergency, synchronize flashing empty place
Emty spce indicator optionGreen, flash green, blue, flash blue
Read configuration from systemRead every configuration of device from management system

This product is sold both together with our Parking Management solution and separately for companies that install such systems. We provide access to the API. For more information please contact us.

  • Online documentation
    The documentation page provides detailed product specifications and complete instructions for use. Please read it before using the product.