Our Partners

Atreyo is a fast growing company and is looking for business partners from all over the world. This proposal is addressed to system integrators, distributors, software IT companies and machine or device OEM's.

System Integrators

Building IoT solution is a time-consuming and complex process that requires knowledge of various areas from hardware integration, data handling, data monitoring and data analysis, often leads to longer delivery time and increased cost, which we intend to optimise. We offer a wide range of devices required in various smart city projects including ITMS, Smart parking etc.

In the process of integration with customer applications, we provide required API access including training and support in implementation of the entire project.

System integrators

Worldwide Distributors

We are looking for distributors to our technological solutions and devices from all parts of the world. We offer fair and attractive terms of cooperation and have always ensured fast order fulfillment. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our proposal and contact us regarding the details of cooperation for long term partnership.


Software IT Companies

Many IT technology companies need hardware to complete their solutions. As the process of creating IoT devices is time-consuming process and often beard by ways of complicated integration with the system, Atreyo has gone against these challenges to provide hardware that are very easy to integrate. We provide required API and support during the project development phase and subsequent implementation support.

IT Companies


We offer industrial machines or electronic devices manufacturing companies which needs controllers, drivers or additional hardware to connect machine to the server. Atreyo perfectly able to meet their demands. We provide OEM tagged hardware as per requirement and compliance.