Smart city

Smart City solutions for best management of street light

Energy afficient

Eco friendly solution for up to 60% savings


Customizable configuration of every light fixtures

With timer

Real time lightning monitoring and controlling

Economical energy management

Economical energy management

  • Auto brightness adjustment of light depending on current needs.
  • "Light pollution" is reduced to minimal by dimming luminaire.
  • More and economical management through troubleshoot of lighting system.

  • Control over each single luminaire
  • Control over predefined groups of luminaire
  • Brightness control of individual and groups of luminaire
  • Analysed energy consumption data
  • Analysed savings of energy consumption on basis of area and zone Identification of faults in the operation of luminaire

City use smart light

Smart street light unit

Different installation method

Depending on the needs, we offer various versions of the controller for NEMA mounting and for mounting in the pole itself.