Smart Street Light System


The Atreyo Smart Street Light System is an IoT technology system that completely manage street light with hardware support. The system controls each individual luminaire from the server based application. The main benefits are:
Saving of electricity consumption.


  • Auto brightness adjustment of light depending on current needs.
  • "Light pollution" is reduced to minimal by dimming luminaire.
  • More an economical management through troubleshoot of lighting system.                           

Glance over some of the core functionalities from:

  • Control over each single luminaire.
  • Control over predefined groups of luminaire.
  • Brightness control of individual and groups of luminaire.
  • Analyzed energy consumption data.
  • Analyzed savings of energy consumption on basis of area and zone.
  • Identification of faults in the operation of luminaire.

In addition to the above-mentioned functionalities, the system has special protection against emergency situations, such as lack of network connection to the server, too high/low power supply voltage, and other abnormal situations. Each controller has its own built-in real-time clock with battery backup and is able to work autonomously in the case of a complete lack of communication.

      System topology

      The system consists of the following components:

      1. Light controller
      2. RF gateway with GSM and GPS modem
      3. Server with a-Light web application

      Light controller

      The light controller is a device mounted on the street light pole. Currently Atreyo offers 4 models of controllers.


      Sn Model Number Details Description
      1 ALC-N1 On a standard NEMA connector
      2 ALC-P1 Mounted on top of the street light pol
      3 ALC-P2 Mounted on top of the street light pole with dual luminaire controller
      4 ALC-S1 Mounted on the side of the street light pole with a clamp

      The controllers have a built-in switching of brightness control in the 0-10V system. The controller is responsible for controlling the lamp on/off, dimming, power measurement and communicating with server through gateway. Hermetic casing ensures many years of operation even in the most difficult conditions.

      RF gateway

      The gateway's purpose is to establish communication between the controller and the server. The current model provides communication via GSM or LAN cable connection. With the use of an external converter, it is also possible to connect to an optical fiber network. The gateway communicates with the controller by license-free band radio waves, so there is no need to pull any additional cables between the lights. The RF communication between gateway and light controller is encrypted. The gateway has a power backup system in it to communicate with server in the situation of a power failure. A special energy-saving mode ensures long-term operation on the battery. The charging system of batteries ensures that the gateway is always ready for operation. The gateway has in-built website for its configuration. The gateway is equipped with following interfaces:

      • GSM for communication with the server
      • GPS to retrieve the current time and location
      • RF for communication with controllers
      • Ethernet with PoE function

      Atreyo Server Lighting system

      The  system is an advanced web application specially adapted for comprehensive lighting management. This system allows to control hundreds of thousands of lamps and provides many functions that improve convenience and increase safety. The system includes functionalities such as:

      • Showing all lights on the map with current status of the light
      • Switching and brightness control scheduling
      • Energy consumption statistics
      • Light grouping
      • Remote configuration of controllers and gateways


      An important and convenient function is to make groups of the lights. This makes it easy to control and make the system more functional. For example, it is possible to create groups 'left side of road', 'right side of road', 'junction', 'sidewalk', 'every second light' etc. Each controller can belong to one or more than one group. Each group can be controlled manually or by schedule.


      Light enables autonomous control system based on predefined time settings. It provides flexibility of switching on/off and controlling the brightness of lamps.

      Energy usage & Savings

      Energy saving module of a-Light inform about electricity usage and savings of selected period of time for selected area.

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