Smart Solutions for Future

Use smart solutions for management and control of devices
Smart City, Smart Light, RMS for IoT Gateways

Vehicle Tracking System

Flexible, expandable tracking system dedicated to customer needs

Smart Street Light

Smart Street Light system, Individual controlling system with energy usage monitoring.

Remote Monitoring System

Industrial Managment solution

Home for all devices

Industrial Computers

Well-equipped industrial computers working onLinux system for the precise control of machines and other equipment

Traffic Signals

Traffic signals, traffic count down timers, traffic controlers, ATCS system panels

IoT Gateways

Range of IoT gateways with OpenWRT system and with custom script support

Information Displays

Passenger information displays, public information displays, LCD display controllers

IoT Products for all needs

IoT Gateways, Industrial Computers, Interfaces
Smart City product, Infrastructure products, Traffics products

Atreyo is a technology company focused on research, design and development of products in the field  of electronics, automation and robotics. Current portfolio includes various smart city solutions and industrial IoT gateways. Our data analytical platform enables various actions and decision for authorities and industries. Through our solutions end users adapt technology with ease of usage which help systems/processes to be more efficient.

Term ID
  • Advanced Industrial Computer / Gateway
  • Industrial Computer – LTE IoT Gateway
  • Industrial Computer – Gateway
  • Industrial Computer / Data Logger / Gateway
  • Temperature and humidity logger with big display
  • RS232 Gateway with data logger and LTE / GSM
  • High Voltage 16 Input Extender with Modbus
  • High Voltage 8 Input Extender with Modbus

Many devices successfully deployed globally


Client Testimonials


We, at ASTA (India), would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Atreyo for the successful development & deployment of Autonomous Inter-Strand High Voltage Tester and the operation of the Test equipment in line with the requirements. It is one of the milestone projects of ASTA (India) and has helped us move towards technological solution from labour oriented controls. The skill and patience level of the team at Atreyo is highly commendable and we look forward to working with them in the nearby future


We highly appreciate your support in various smart city projects for development of various products and solutions in ITMS, Environment Monitoring Displays, Parking Management System and various customised requirement. Your team’s efforts helped us to complete the requirement in efficient manner. We congratulate your team and look for further innovation in sectors we are associated to work together.


We highly appreciate your co-operation and efforts in working on solutions in our efforts to digitise our production flow for better visibility of process variables, timely detection and diagnostics improving our efficiency. Your efforts has helped us meet our goal in a logical and timely manner.

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