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  • IoT applications

    IOT applications in business

    Connected cars, smart homes, smart hospitals, and more innovative industries have all been created by this technology. Things become more accessible and automated when the physical and digital worlds are connected. A smart home allows you to control anything from your thermostat to your oven to your AC system with your smartphone.
  • What is a smart city

    What is a smart city?

    Smart cities use information and communication technology (ICT) to address the conventional issues of urban life. Smart cities handle the challenges posed by demographic and climatic change, population expansion, pollution, resource shortages, and crime.
  • IoT for consumers

    IoT for consumers

    Consumer IoT is primarily concerned with making life easier for end-users. How to get more done with fewer resources is the focus here. Personal or social happiness is the primary motivator for people, and they prefer to delegate responsibility for their work to others. Humans need a sense of well-being regardless of weather, temperature, rain, or shine.
  • IoTtechnologies

    What are the technologies used in IoT?

    Although connectivity is the core of the Internet of Things (IoT), you won't be able to find a communication solution that works in precisely the same manner for every case since the IoT is so diverse and complex.Each IoT solution offers a unique mix of benefits and limitations best suited for a particular set of IoT use cases
  • IIoT

    What is industrial IoT or IIOT?

    IIoT's underlying principle is that intelligent robots are better for people in real-time data collection and analysis and in transmitting critical information that can be utilized to drive business choices more promptly and accurately.
  • IoT device

    What are some examples of IoT Devices?

    Internet-connected devices may range from everyday items like household appliances to high-tech gear seen in manufacturing facilities. Internet of Things (IoT) devices each have a unique identifier (UID) and may communicate data without the need for human interaction.
  • IoT security

    What about security in IoT and IIoT?

    As per the results, 99% of security professionals have difficulty verifying the safety of their Internet of Things (IoT) and industrial internet (IIoT) equipment, and 95% are concerned about the hazards presented by these connected devices
  • How IoT work

    How does IoT Work?

    In the internet of things, any natural or man-made device that can be issued an Internet Protocol (IP) address and can communicate data across a network may be considered a thing.