In todays fast paced world there are perpetual efforts toward increasing productivity and efficiency in industrial as well as residential sectors. Modern technology has proven to be a significant step in this direction. It has the ability to solve existing and potential problems via an open infrastructure that allows solutions to be implemented at the speed of business while creating additional value.
We at Atreyo, after interacting with industrial experts and understanding the pain points, have developed turnkey solutions for industrial automation as well as smart infrastructure such as smart street light and geolocation.
We also develop tailor made solutions specific to clients need and requirement, with an objective of constantly expanding and improving our IT solutions.

  • Smart Street Light System

    The Atreyo Smart Street Light System is an IoT technology system that with supporting hardware is dedicated to complete manage, street lighting. The system make possible control of each individual luminaire from the level of the application on the server. The main benefits are:

    • Reduction of electricity consumption
    • Adjusting the brightness of the lighting depending on the current needs
    • By dimming the luminaire "light pollution" is limited
    • More economical management of the troubleshooting of lighting system
  • IIOT Industry 4.0

    Smart manufacturing has led to what’s being called the Fourth Industrial Revolution, or Industry 4.0, where manufacturers utilize cloud technology to store and access vast amounts of data that can be used in manufacturing applications within a factory or across an entire supply chain.

  • Vehicle Monitoring

    Atreyo GPS tracking system provide customized options with all necessary non standard facility to fulfill all needs of transportation of goods and valuables like: money to ATM, milk, petrol, gas, chemicals, ice creme and other cold storage items. We provide customization in existing system according to customer requirement. Our tracker can support multiple type of digital and analogue inputs for temperature measurement, fuel level, container opening etc.

  • Smart Parking Management

    Atreyo Parking System i the system for complete management of parking space in common parkings. This system is flexible in implementation and provide high class parking solution