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What we do...

Product Analysis

Understanding practicality is the first and the foremost important stage of designing any product. Determining the required instruments (hardware, software), the total cost budget, potential for future expansion, deducing the end derivable are few of the activities that we do here, at Atreyo. We focus of products which enhance productivity, accountability and efficiency of the solution as whole.

Product Design

Product design include electronics and mechanical engineering of the concepts. In order to best meet the customer's expectations regarding the quality of the product, its functionality and its longevity, we take great care while choosing the electronic components. Our experience with various projects helps us achieve this and our schematic designs are characterised by the use of modern technology. We design both, the casing of the device and the mechanical design of it, too.This cycle include testing and improvement of designed product and they are carefully evaluated in terms of their functionality, convenience and its aesthetic quality.

Software - Cloud

Software that works with pleasure, whether it's a cloud or a computer, we do it according to the principle of our company, that is, to make it easier for the user to use the system.We also provide SaaS application for remote monitoring and control of the solutions.

Some of our Projects

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