CCMS Gateway with Timer and LCD
  • 2 way communication with server
  • GNSS witch accurate time sync
  • 2.2" Colour LCD and keypad
  • Internal web-server for setting
  • Internal battery backup
  • 3 independent outputs for relays control
  • 2 isolated digital inputs
  • LAN with PoE
  • Stand-alone timer with sunrise sunset time
  • Modbus for energy meter integration

The AG-911 is Gateway for Central Control and Monitoring System specially designed for street light control panels. It supporting two-way communication with server and stand alone timer with sunrise and sunset timings. Support 16 on/off period within 24h and auto configurable sunrise/sunset timer based on location. AG-911 has battery backup and modbus RTU interface to communicate with energy meters. AG-911 has 4 option of setting: internal website, SMS, setting file from URL and string from server. It has RTC with accurate time sync form GPS and if not available it can update time from from GSM network.
Gateway is for use in street light control panels and other application where is needed to control accurate on/off time. AG-911 can be direct controlled remotely from server or via SMS.
AG-911 has 3 open collector outputs for 3 relays. Every output can be controlled by separately time setting.



Sr Description Parameter
1 Interface type opto-isolated RS485
2 Connectivity to server GSM class 12/10
3 Data to Server Protocol TCP/IP and JSON
4 Outputs 3 open collector type
5 Power supply 10-36V DC



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