We offer many types of industrial interfaces such as: USB to RS485, USB to RS232, USB to USB, Modbus RTU to Modbus TCP / IP etc. We focus on making the interfaces particularly well protected and adapted to harsh industrial conditions. That is why all our interfaces contain opto-isolation of the signal and TVS protection.

  • ADI-604

    4-20mA to LoRa data interface

    The ADI-604 is industrial interface supporting data transfer form four 4-20mA analogue system to LoRa gateway.  It has 4 opto-isolated inputs and 24V isolated powers supply for powering sensors. Compact design and inbuilt web-server for configuration make it convenient in installation and service.

  • ADI-501

    USB to RS232 isolated interface

    The ADI-501 is industrial use USB to RS232 opto-isolated interface.  Designed to work in industrial environment. This model has four data signals RX, TX, DTR and RTS signals.

  • ADI-301

    USB to USB isolated interface

    The ADI-301 is industrial grade USB to USB opto-isolated interface. Designed to work in industrial environment. Perfect to use when is require to make galvanic separation between computer and machine.