We offer many types of industrial interfaces such as: USB to RS485, USB to RS232, USB to USB, Modbus RTU to Modbus TCP / IP etc. We focus on making the interfaces particularly well protected and adaptable to harsh industrial conditions. That is why all our interfaces contain opto-isolation of the signal and TVS protection.

  • ADI-510

    USB to RS485 isolated interface

    The ADI-510 is industrial USB to RS485 opto-isolated interface. Designed to work in industrial environment. provides equipment protection against interference and surges. Interface is powered directly from USB port than not need of external power supply. Dedicated to use with PLCs, sensors, Modbus interface and other industrial controllers.

  • ADI-604

    4-20mA to LoRa data interface

    The ADI-604 is an industrial interface supporting data transfer from four 4-20mA analogue system to LoRa gateway.  It has 4 opto-isolated inputs and 24V isolated power supply for powering sensors. Compact design and inbuilt web-server for configuration makes it convenient for installation and service.

  • ADI-501

    USB to RS232 isolated interface

    The ADI-501 is an industrial usable USB to RS232 opto-isolated interface.  Designed to work in industrial environment. This model has four data signals RX, TX, DTR and RTS.

  • ADI-301

    USB to USB isolated interface

    The ADI-301 is an industrial grade of USB to USB opto-isolated interface. Designed to work in industrial environment. Perfect to use when there is required galvanic separation between computer and machine.