Traffic Count Down Timer

  • 199 second timer, red, green and yellow colour of numbers
  • High brightness with the possibility of remote adjustment
  • STP and GO and other special functions

ACDT-3232 is a timer designed for traffic management system as an indication of time to signal change. The ACDT-3232 display is made of RGB LED technology as a matrix display. This, not only numbers, but also STP and GO information can be displayed. ACDT-3232 has more functions such as blinking for last 5 seconds, brightness setting etc. Metal housing with anti-reflection material front ensures good visibility in all lighting conditions.


  • Autonomous traffic management systems
  • Ordinary traffic management systems

 RS485ModbusOpto-isolationreal timesmart city

Technical specification

Display Size 320 x 320 mm (W x H)
Display numbers 2.5 (max 199 seconds)
Display color Red, green, yellow, blue, magenta and white
Display front protection Antyglare sheet
Digital inputs Optional 3 isolated inputs for self learning models
Communication Serial RS485
Baudrate 9600
Status Indicators 1 x activity, 1 x power (both inside enclosure)
Power 8-36V DC (optional 230V AC)
Operating temperature -20 °C to 75 °C
Housing MS powder coated with front openable door
Dimensions (W x H x D) 440 × 400 × 230mm



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Functional Specification

Maximum number support 2.5, maximum 199 seconds
Special functions STP, GO, blinking last 5 seconds, yellow last 5 secods
Other functions Clear display, reset, testing colours and pixels functions

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