Smart Street Light Controller - NEMA

  • On/off and dimming of luminaries
  • Power and other electical parameter measurement
  • Long range RF communication
  • Update firmware over the air
  • Mounting by NEMA connector
  • High Voltage power supply range
  • Inbuilt antenna

ALC-N1 is a controller for lighting fixtures which works with the Atreyo Smart Street Light system. This model is mounted directly to the luminaire via a 5-pin NEMA socket. The controller has built-in power measurement, voltage and other electrical parameters. Ideally suitable for installation with existing infrastructure and new installations.


Technical specification

1 Principle of operation RF open band/LoRa
2 Deeming 0-10V
3 Power supply range 80 - 515V AC
4 Mounting NEMA socket 5 pin
5 Extra features temperature measurement, update over air, remote configuration




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Functional Specification

The values shown are nominal for the ALC-N1 product. Atreyo design and manufacture variations of the light controllers to comply with local in country standards and customer requirement. Local in country models of the controllers may exceed the stated values. Customer-specific versions are available on request.

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