Other Infrastructural Products

We also develop and produce other infrastructure related products.


  • AT-V3

    Tracker with GPS, Glonass, Navic, etc.

    AT-V3 is tracker for vehicles that support IRNSS (Navic), GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo, QZSS. It can work with Atreyo Tracking System (A-Track) and other server systems.
  • Vatonnati A1

    Air Quality Sensor

    The Vatonnati A1 is a simple air quality sensor that integrates the measurement of health-critical particles, temperature, humidity and air pressure. This model enables the measurement of 4 parameters for the particles PM1, PM2.5, PM4, PM10. The Vatonnati A1 can be used both indoor and outdoor. The Vatonnati A1 is…
  • AWMS-DBS12

    Dustbin sensor for waste management system

    A waste management system is an effective way to reduce the cost of waste level identification from garbage bin, based on IoT. The sensor detects the filling level of the trash cans and sends the data to the server, which helps to refuse the route for the collection vehicle in case low level of garbage bin.
  • ARAD-BKP-01

    Bus Tracking System Keypad

    ARAD-BKP-01 is a keyboard to be operated by a bus driver with a display, which, in combination with a GPS locator, is used to enter route data into the server system of information on current courses. These data are used to control a mobile application with bus timetables and passenger information displays at bus…