Industrial Computers - Gateways

Industrial computers offered by Atreyo are a combination of a computer running Linux and communication interfaces such as LTE, GSM, WiFi and others. They are also generously equipped with often insulated wired interfaces. Many of them also have graphical interface support and an HDMI output. As a result, these computers can be used both as device and machine controllers and as IoT gateways for remote management and monitoring.

  • AG-1701

    Industrial Computer / Data Logger / Gateway

    Multipurpose Industrial Computer with inbuilt SSD/HDD storage for data. It based on four core ARM A53 64bit processor.
    The LTE module is in standard mini PCIe type and can be changed according to customer needs.
  • AG-1651

    Advanced Industrial Computer / Gateway

    Multipurpose Advanced Industrial Computer / IoT Gateway based on four core powerful ARM processor. Very rich in wired and wireless interfaces. For Edge AI computing and supports multiple distributions of Linux systems.
  • AG-1621

    Industrial Computer – LTE IoT Gateway

    Multipurpose industrial computer - gateway based on four core ARM processor and support many types of Linux systems distributions. With LTE connectivity and GNSS support make this gateway ideal for IoT applications and industrial control systems.
  • AG-6401

    Industrial Computer – LTE IoT Gateway

    Multipurpose Industrial IoT Gateway / Industrial Computer based on four core 64 bit ARM processor. It has low power consumption, LTE/GSM, WiFi, Ethernet and Bluetooth connectivity.
  • AG-1612

    Industrial Computer – Gateway

    The AG-1612 is multipurpose industrial computer - gateway with LTE, GNSS, WiFi, RS485, RS232 and I/Os. It support many types of Linux systems distributions and has battery backup.