We produce many types of industrial communicating gateways. We offer application specific gateways and programmable gateways with Linux system. The specific type of gateways is dedicated to systems such as network power infrastructure control, data transmission from various types of sensors, data transmission for photovoltaic installations etc. The another type- Linux gateway, is a solution for customers who have the ability to develop the software themselves. We offer developer support as per requirement.

  • AG-1601

    IoT Gateway – Embedded Computer

    The AG-1601 is multipurpose industrial gateway based on four core ARM processor and support many types of Linux systems distributions at very low power consumption. LTE connectivity and battery backup make this gateway ideal for IoT applications and industrial control systems.


  • AG-801

    Modbus RTU gateway with GSM

    The AG-801 is an industrial gateway supporting transfer of data from Modbus RTU to Cloud servers.  Compact design and inbuilt web-server makes it easy to install and use. Opto-isolated Modbus of RS485 makes device more safe and protected from surges. In addition Gateway has 2 opto-isolated digital inputs with SMS alert support.

  • AG-911

    CCMS Gateway with Timer and LCD

    The AG-911 is Gateway for Central Control and Monitoring System specially designed for street light control panels. It supporting two-way communication with server and stand alone timer with sunrise and sunset timings. Support 16 on/off period within 24h and auto configurable sunrise/sunset timer based on location. AG-911 has battery backup and modbus RTU interface to communicate with energy meters. AG-911 has 4 option of setting: internal website, SMS, setting file from URL and string from server. It has RTC with accurate time sync form GPS and if not available it can update time from from GSM network.

  • AG-812

    Digital and Analogue I/O to Server

    The AG-812 is industrial gateway with dual way data transfer support to cloud servers.  It has 4 digital inputs, 3 open collector digital outputs, analogue inputs and analogue outputs for control any compatible external device. Application of this gateway is interface between variety types of analogue sensors to server/cloud.

  • AG-811

    CCMS Gateway With Timer

    The AG-811 is a Gateway dedicated to work witch CCMS systems. It support two-way communication with server. Also, it has inbuilt timer with 16 on/off schedule within 24h and auto configurable sunrise/sunset timer based on location. AG-811 has Modbus RTU interface to communicate with energy meters and other Modbus devices. AG-811 can be configured by: internal website, SMS, string from server and setting file loaded in predefine URL.

  • AG-901

    LoRa Gateway with LCD

    The AG-901 is LoRa to GSM Data Gateway to use in control of different type of LoRa devices. It has two-way communication with server. Gateway has internal web-server with all setting configurations.