At the present time, the environment in which we live is very polluted, in terms of air, water and soil quality. To monitor pollution the different sensors with capability to measure various pollutants are used. We offer both pollution sensors and enviromental sensors for parameters such as temperature and humidity.

  • Vatonnati A1

    Air Quality Sensor

    The Vatonnati A1 is a simple air quality sensor that integrates the measurement of health-critical particles, temperature, humidity and air pressure. This model enables the measurement of 4 parameters of the particles PM1, PM2.5, PM4, PM10. The Vatonnati A1 can be used both indoors and outdoors. The Vatonnati A1 is connected directly to the server and uploads the air measurement data to the cloud / server. After logging in to the server, current parameters, history and analyzes of air quality parameters are available.

  • Thermolog V2

    Temperature Logger

    Atreyo ThermoLog V2 is thermometer with data logger and LED display. It is for use in places there is needed to control temperature with log file for view in the computer. The data of is stored up to two years. PC software has graphical presentation view and export data to csv format function.
    Big LED display make useful for better visual control.