Variable Message Display
  • Flexible size text region design
  • Multicolour
  • High brightness
  • Light weight thin aluminium body
  • Front maintenance
  • Inbuilt controller

The AVMD-128-48M is LED variable message display dedicated to passenger information, parking systems, air quality, railway station, petrol pumps etc.
AVMD-128-48M has unique facility of displaying seven colours, two line of clear visible text. It support all Indian languages. The AVMD-128-48M is working in real time with server to fetch proper vehicle schedule.
Flexible region setting and effect make information more useful and clear for users.


Technical specification

Sr Description Parameter
1 Size of body of display 1280×480×100mm (L x H x W)
2 Connectivity to server GSM class 12/10, Ethernet
3 Colour 7 colours, day light readable
4 Setting Internal website, SMS, commands from server
5 Power supply 230V AC (inbuilt supply)



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The values shown are nominal for the AVMD-128-48M product. Atreyo design and manufacture variations of the VMD displays to comply with local in country standards. Local in country models of the AVMD family may exceed the stated values. Customer-specific versions are available on request.

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