Ultrasonic Parking Sensor
  • Ultrasonic sensing technology
  • Low power consumption
  • RGB LED + external LED indicator output support
  • Command Broadcasting support from host data centre
  • 3 digits display for easy setting
  • Setting of detection range remotely

APSENSE-110U is a car presence sensor in a parking lot. The sensor works as part of the Parking Management System and sends data about the presence of the car. Car detection is by ultrasound and communicates via Modbus RTU (RS485), it controls an external light to indicate a free parking space. Avails setting of color for exterior light and optional flash of light indicators in emergency situations. Also from the control center it is possible for all the lamps to flash in any emergency. Support for blue light indicators.


Technical specification

Sr Description Parameter
1 Principle of operation Ultrasonic measurement system
2 Communication interface RS485
3 Data to Server Protocol Modbus RTU
4 Mounting type ceiling
5 Extra futures Multi-colour LED indicator internal and external



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