Passenger Information System Display
  • Two line of text in English, Hindi, Gujarati etc.
  • 7 Colours for each region of display
  • Support all font styles
  • All Indian and european alphabets support
  • High brightness
  • Light weight thin aluminium body
  • Inbuilt additional clock display
  • Front maintenance

The APIS-160-2M is LED display dedicated to Passenger Information System for use in public transport stations. Specifically designed for: bus stops, tram stops, metro stations, and railway stations. APIS-160-2M has unique facility of displaying seven colours and two line of clear visible text. It supports all Indian languages. The APIS-160-2M is working in real time with server to fetch proper vehicle schedule.
The separate clock make APIS-160-2M more passenger-friendly by displaying accurate time.

Technical specification

Sr Description Parameter
1 Size of body of display 1062 x 570 x50 mm
2 Connectivity to server GSM class 12/10
3 Colour 7 colours, day light readable
4 Line of text 2 line English/Hindi any other Indian language
5 Power supply 230V AC (inbuilt supply)



Attachment Size
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The values shown are nominal for the APIS-160-2 product. Atreyo design and manufacture variations of the PIS displays to comply with local in country standards. Local in country models of the APIS family may exceed the stated values. Customer-specific versions are available on request.

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