Autonomous Interstrand Testing Unit
  • Provides better safety and ease of operation
  • Printed report with QR code
  • Easy data backup and analysis with provided PC software
  • Adjustable voltage range 100-1500V DC
  • Leakage current setting 5 – 100mA
  • Smart connectivity sensing mechanism to checks each connection before starting high voltage test
  • Stores upto 2000 reports so easy data retrieval and verification
  • Auto discharge of strand after completion of test

High voltage testing machine is used in power industries specifically for insulated copper strand supplier, transformer, generator and motor manufacturer.
High voltage test is used to check insulation and leakage between transposed insulated conductors.
High voltage test for insulated copper strand is tedious and error prone task because the process of connecting and removing probe is repeated as per the number of strands in the drum. After this process, preparation of test report and discharging of drum done manually. There is human intervation at various stages of high voltage test, so there are more chances of error and safety issues come along with this type of system.


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