LoRa Gateway with LCD
  • GSM four band
  • GNSS witch time sync
  • PoE supply (option)
  • LoRa Long range connectivity
  • Internal web-server
  • Colour LCD 2.2"
  • 6 keys keypad
  • Designed for use as cost effective LoRa gateway

The AG-901 is LoRa to GSM Data Gateway to use in control of different type of LoRa devices. It has two-way communication with server. Gateway has internal web-server with all setting configurations.
Gateway is dedicated to control devices like: street light controllers, water meters, energy meters, environmental sensors, earth sensors etc. and other LoRa infrastructure systems. The AG-901 has also opto-isolated RS485 interface.


Technical specification

Sr Description Parameter
1 Interface LAN, opto-isolated RS485, GPRS, GPS, LoRa
2 Connectivity to server GSM class 12/10
3 Data to Server Protocol TCP/IP
4 User interface 2.2" LCD and keypad
5 Power supply 10-36V DC



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