4-20mA to LoRa data interface
  • LoRa RF connectivity
  • 4 opto-isolated 4-20mA inputs
  • Separate isolated 24V power for sensors
  • Inbuilt website for configuration
  • Wide power supply range
  • DIN rail mounting option
  • Support PoE

The ADI-604 is an industrial interface supporting data transfer from four 4-20mA analogue system to LoRa gateway.  It has 4 opto-isolated inputs and 24V isolated power supply for powering sensors. Compact design and inbuilt web-server for configuration makes it convenient for installation and service.
ADI-604 supporting work in open radio frequency 866Mhz. Support RF power up to 20dB.
ADI-604 is made with high grade aluminium body. Optional DIN rail clamp make installation in panel boxes more convenient.


Technical specification

Sr Description Parameter
1 Interface type Opto-isolated 4-20mA x 4
2 Connectivity to server LoRa RF via LoRa gateway
3 LoRa parameter Open band 866Mhz
4 RF Power Up to 20dBm
5 Power supply 10-36V DC



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