In bus passenger information display - front
  • High brightness
  • Amber colour
  • RS485 communication
  • Any font type support
  • Any language support
  • Brightness setting
  • Aluminium body

The ABD-180 is LED bus route and destination display.

This model is designed to be mounted on the front out of bus. Amber colour make it high visible from long distance. The display supports flexible real time modification of message and region size. Aluminium lightweight structure make  ABD-180 more safe. Communication to the OBU is over isolated and full protected RS485 interface.


Technical specification

Sr Description Parameter
1 Display size 1808 x 212 mm
2 Resolution 143 x 16 pixels
3 LED type 4mm oval TH
4 Controller Inbuilt with RS485 interface
5 Power supply 10-36V DC



Attachment Size
Technical specification (119.47 KB) 119.47 KB

The values shown are nominal for the ABD-180 product. Atreyo design and manufacture variations of the LED displays to comply with local in country standards. Local in country models of the ABD family may exceed the stated values. Customer-specific versions are available on request.

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