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  • What are the benefits of IoT/IIoT for businesses?
    The Internet of Things (IoT) and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) are essential aspects of the ongoing digital revolution. IoT and IIoT are terms you've probably heard before, and you may already be using some of these technologies. Organizations can increase productivity, make better decisions, and generate new revenue streams by utilizing the Internet of Things and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)
  • IIoT Security Issues and Solutions
    According to the reports that are coming out every week, there has been an unprecedented number of large-scale data breaches at a corporation that was formerly considered immune to such attacks. Firms that have used or stored personal data in ways that were not intended by the persons or organizations that provided it also cause concern. Because of this, the problem might become worse before it gets better as more gadgets are introduced
  • A Look at the Reality of the Internet of Things
    It is possible to link "smart" gadgets to the internet and employ embedded systems (such as sensors and central processing units) to acquire data from the environment in which they are placed and communicate, reply, or otherwise interact with it. Internet of Things" devices include these ones (IoT). In the industry, these gadgets are referred to as "connected devices."
  • What are some examples of IoT Devices?
    IoT was coined by the famous Kevin Ashton, who is credited with coining the phrase "Internet of Things." Despite this, the global adoption of the Internet of Things didn't begin until Gartner's 2011 list of emerging technologies. Over half of the 21.7 billion active and connected devices expected by 2021 will be IoT devices, with an estimated 11.7 billion (or 54%) currently in use. According to this statistic, there is more Internet of Things devices than non-Internet of Things devices.
  • A Complete Guide to the Internet of Things
    Self-driving cars, smart houses, and smart speakers are just a few examples of how this cutting-edge technology is being used in the real world. Developing DX (digital transformation), which is now garnering attention, is a major factor in this. Big data and artificial intelligence are also important issues. Even if you've heard of the phrase "Internet of Things," you'll be surprised to learn that only a small fraction of people really understand what it means and how it works.